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When we are clothed in Christ's righteousness, nothing else is sufficient.


As most people that grew up in the average Southern Baptist background, I was taught body shame. My mother says, even today, that GOD doesn’t want to see your butt. She is a good student of the WORD, and is not the type that would add her own opinion to the WORD of GOD. But if she is taught an opinion of someone she respects as a Bible scholar she tends to take it as correct.

We listened to one named Dr. Floyd Nolen Jones when I was growing up. He is a <i>very</i> smart teacher and is strongly on the side of GOD. I would recommend all to give him a listen. Here is a link to his audio files. Free to download.

As a fellow Southern Baptist alum  he had a bit of a problem with the nudity in the book of Genesis  This is where Adam and Eve were naked and “not ashamed”. In the mind of your average Baptist person communal nudity without shame is somehow wrong. To make this more acceptable in his own mind he figured that mankind, when created, received as part of the breath of life from GOD some of HIS glory. “Glory” and “glow” come from the same source word. Therefore clothing was not necessary for obscuring the view of others from shameful nudity. They were just to bright to look at directly.

Note: I have no idea if the glowing-first-family concept was created by Dr. Jones or just adopted. He is just the first from whom I have ever heard this.

There are many that want to justify there opinions for or against social nudity using the Bible, but the Bible is silent on the issue. The people who find that it’s somehow wrong to be as naked as Adam and Eve in the beginning base this off of emotion and tradition, not the Bible.

There is a book written on this subject, “Nakedness and the Bible” by Paul M. Bowman, that makes an exhaustive study on the subject. This is not a nudist or naturist book but an even-handed look at the subject at hand. It starts with a maybe-so–maybe-no approach and relies on the Bible to show the way. I find it a very balanced discussion on the subject.




When I was saved, (come to the realization that I am a sinner and am in need of a savior, then accepting Jesus Christ as my savior), I was still a child with a child’s understanding of what I have come to know up until then.

I knew that when GOD created the earth, he put all that he created through a test to see that it was good. From the creation of light,to the gathering of waters to make dry land, to the creation of plant life, to the setting up of the rest of the cosmos, to the creation of animal life in the sea and in the air, to the creation of land animals, and finally to the creation of human kind GOD tested them and found them to be good. But importantly to me is that he found his creation of humans very good.

Humanity, in the beginning was not yet clothed. There was no reason to be clothes at that time. Everything was good then. Everything worked perfectly. There was no sin yet in the world.

These are very easy things for a young mind to understand.

Then GOD made a garden and put his humans in it to keep things nice. There was one simple rule, don’t eat of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. All the other trees were fair game.

I thought that I could have done that without even trying! I wouldn’t have to go shopping for food, AND I didn’t have to put on clothes. there was no-such-thing as clothes then. No itchy, tight, movement limiting clothes that could get ripped and messy when I played and get me in trouble with Mommy. What a DEAL!

The end of that chapter said that the man and the woman got married and were naked and NOT ASHAMED.

As a child, I knew shame. It is one of the first things any good parent teaches there child. It is how people teach children not to do the things that may harm them, or cause harm to come upon them.

The first humans didn’t have a m om or dad. all they had was GOD. But who else would know what was good for them? GOD put them in a nice place with no stickers, briers, poisonous things or anything that would make them cry. And he never said, “Put your clothes on! You ought to be ASHAMED of yourself. Running around here Naked as a Jay Bird! What kind of parent would the neighbors think that I am if they see this?”

The third chapter is where the BAD GUY shows up. He was the serpent. He said to the woman, “So, kid, you can eat of all these trees, ‘eh?”

She said, “Yup, but not of the middle one. We ain’t s’posed to even TOUCH it or we will DIE!”

(This is not wholly true. GOD only said not to eat of the tree or you shall surely die. The touching part was cut from whole cloth.)

Serpent said, “Nu’uuh. You ain’t gunna’ die. GOD knows when you eat that fruit, you gunna’ get SMARTER and know stuff, like GOOD and EVIL! And then you will be just like gods!”

So she looked at the fruit and thought it looked tasty, and if it makes people smart, what harm is that? So she ATE some and gave some to the man and he ate it also!


The stuff worked quickly. they looked down at them selves and saw that they weren’t wearing nothin’! So they went and got some fig leaves and sewed them together to make aprons. They invented CLOTHES right after breaking the ONLY rule in the whole naturist garden! (OK, it wasn’t a naturist garden, but there was no need for it to be naturist. There was nothing else for it to be.)

Then they heard GOD comin’! They tried to hide themselves from him.

(Note here that they weren’t much smarter than they were before the forbidden snack. They were trying to hide from GOD, who can see EVERYTHING. And they weren’t hiding from each other, just The All Powerful GOD.)

GOD called for them saying, “Where Are You, Adam?”

The man said, “I heard ya’ comin’ and I got scared ‘couse I was NEKID, so I hid!”

GOD said, “Who told you you were naked? Did YOU eat of the tree I told you not to?”

Pointing a finger, Adam said, “SHE made me do it! The woman YOU gave me!”

Then GOD said, “What did you do, girl?”

She said, “Serpent TRICKED me into eating it!”

(Don’t this sound much like any household with kids?)

After finding out all that had happened, GOD set out a punishment.

The serpent and all his offspring were to have NO legs and be the TOP of the hated list of all animals. He also made the woman and all her kids his and all his kids’ enemies.

To the woman, he said he would make it very hard for her to have babies, but make her want to anyway.

And to Adam he made it hard to make things grow. He and all his kids will have to work HARD for a living.

That’s when Adam gave Eve her name. It means, “mother of all living people”.

Because GOD made it where there would be stickers and thorns, he made Adam and Eve some better clothes out of animal skins.

Humanity now had the ability to die for the first time. They most likely never seen anything die before GOD made them there leather coats. think about that for a bit.

There was another tree in the garden that the humans had not yet eaten of. It would restore there ability to live forever again, but with these punishments it would be better that they not eat of it. So GOD took them out of the garden for there own good. And GOD put angelic guards with a flaming sword to keep them out.

This story, to me was the world’s BIGGEST tragedy.

And as any parent would do, GOD made a way out of the righteous punishment that he assigned. He gave his son, Jesus, to pay for this first sin and all the sins after this.

And with sin paid for, we are then blameless for all our sins and those for which we are still suffering punishment. That, to my young mind, meant that those of us that accepted the free gift of salvation had the legal right to be like we, humanity, was before the sin ever happened!

GOOD NEWS! No more clothes!!!

But then…

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Hello World

Hi, and thanks for reading my humble words.

As of yet, I am an unskilled writer jumping in with both feet, (bare as they are).

I hope to make this blog into a podcast, audio only, in the tradition of  The Naturist Living Show. There are plenty of “nudist” podcasts out there, but I have found them wanting, or including content that, in my opinion, is contrary to the spirit of true nudism or naturism. So far, the only out-stander that I have found is the afore mentioned Canadian podcast.

I have found quite a few web pages and sites that are Christian about naturism, (from here on out, I will use the word “naturism” or “naturist” in place of the slashed terms. Feel free to substitute your preferred words in your own mind where they can be considered interchangeable). I have NOT found any podcasts that explore, as there basis of existence, the concepts concerning the sole-body connection. Much less that from a christian perspective.

As to the Christian focus of this blog, I am a christian. If you want discussion on any other religion, sect, or lack there of, I invite you to create that blog yourself. That said, I welcome all readers from every background and look forward to your comments. I can only blog from my own experiences and those are filtered through that of my Southern Baptist upbringing. I have moved beyond sectarianism in Christianity and consider myself a follower of Christ.

This is the first step in what, I hope, will be a beneficial experience for me and you.

As to future content, I wand to develop the discipline to make regular posts. Until then, however, I will post as the spirit moves me. That may be frequent for now, as this is the shiniest and newest of toys that I have and I have much on this subject that I have been rolling over and over in my head. I also want to answer any questions that I can left for me in the comments.

Again, thank you for reading this, and considering making my words a part of your life.